16 April 2006

Leo today

Leo today in friendster :


The Bottom Line

You may not realize it yet, but things are really starting to come together for you.

In Detail

You go straight to the heart of the matter. You discard all the unnecessary clutter, peel away any obscuring layers and contemplate the thing itself. What do you see? It could surprise you -- maybe what you thought what you were looking at (or for) is something else entirely. It's a possibility, anyhow. And it could turn out that there are still a few layers to penetrate. All in good time, dearie, all in good time.

Hoho.. It sounds nice :))
Dah lama banget gak ngeblog.
Sejak template blog gw ilang separo (gara-gara kecerobohan gw!! dodol!!).
Dan sejak gw ketagihan nge-game.
Dan sejak somebody close to me 'sakit'.
Dan gw sekarang kangen nulis lagi.
happy bday to Alex!!